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School YearProject NameParticipant計畫期間Cooperation
85Computer Managed Instruction Systems for Employee Training in the Machining Tool Industry.Chyuan Perng1996-08~1997-07National Science Council
84A Dynamic Analysis System for the Manufacturing Process Flow - Both Job Shop and Assembly Line CaseChyuan Perng1995-08~1996-07National Science Council
84Intelligent Lead Time Control SystemLi-Chih Wang, Wei-Hua Andrew Wang1995-02~1995-07National Science Council
84Using the Neural Networks to Determine the Size of Analysis WindowWei-Hua Andrew Wang1994-08~1995-07National Science Council
83Intelligent Lead Time Control SystemLi-Chih Wang, Wei-Hua Andrew Wang1994-02~1995-01National Science Council
82A Decision Support System for FMS - Cell Formation and Jobs SchedulingChyuan Perng1993-08~1994-07National Science Council
82零件加工製造排程系統之專案研究計劃Chyuan Perng1993-08~1994-01台中精機
82Neural Networks Function Approximator-A Modular Network ApproachWei-Hua Andrew Wang1993-08~1994-07National Science Council
81A Study In Significance of Stochastic Traveling Salesman ProblemChyuan Perng1992-08~1993-07National Science Council
80Optimal Production Planning Methods for Flexible Manufacturing System Subject to Machine FailureChyuan Perng1991-08~1992-07National Science Council